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3 You NEED to Become a Voice Actor in 2023!

Honestly, the first thing I did was google "how to be a voice actor?" and I saw several videos which most say that 3 things are needed: 1. The Talent some acting classes and training and I think you could do well. You have to dedicate time and capital to training. A voice that can only read and not act is useless in this business. I didn't find many classes and Covid took away the possibility of attending classes in person, so I took classes by zoom with this studio in Philadelphia: There are other classes by zoom that are specifically in Spanish. They are usually with instructors in Los Angeles and at different times. There are always 1v1 sessions with teachers. The prices vary. I took two 6-week classes initially. each class was $700. Individual sessions depend on the teacher. I have paid $40 for an hour and up to $200 for an hour with a teacher. I have never regretted what I paid because what I learn is invaluable. It is a very good page to find classes and training. Many are free but worth the subscription. 2. The equipment We can talk for hours about the equipment. The most important thing is to have a quiet space, with few flat surfaces. A closet is what many of us use to begin with. A microphone. It doesn't have to be a $2000 USB but it doesn't have to be a $100 USB either. I use an Audio-Technica AT-2035. This $280 combo isn't bad at all: AT-2035 Combo With Headphones You're going to need a sound interface. This is a very good one: Focusrite Interface. Editing software is a must these days. then you have to dedicate time to how to record and edit alone. I use one called Reaper. It is very cheap and there are many videos that teach how to use it. There are others that are free and others that are much more expensive. it's finding what works for you. I recommend SweetWater to buy equipment. This is a package that is identical to what I used to start with!

3. The Business This includes marketing, business plan, business accounts, etc. You already know a lot about this but in reference to voice over you have to have the correct materials. Those are your professional website, your professional headshots, your professional demos, your social media presence and casting pages, and your direct marketing. In voice over professionalism is paramount as in any business. deliver the recordings on time and with quality, be very communicative and transparent, and be such a cool person that people like to work with you. Listen to Marc Scott's VOpreneur Podcast. It is in English and has a lot of valuable information! Listen to it here: In short: 1. Training 2. A Good Space to Record Audio and a Good Microphone 3. Solid Business and Marketing. Having those things, patience, and dedication there's no reason why you can't be successful as a voice over. This page is one that guided me and continues to guide me quite a bit. It's from one of my favorite actors and she's very honest. I recommend it: Who is Bash The VO? Bilingual Latin American ANNOUNCER Sebastian, or Bash, is the Latin American voice actor you need. Born in Colombia and raised in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bash began performing at the age of 4 and later began a career as a professional nightclub and wedding DJ. Performing for a wide variety of audiences over the past 20 years has given me the ability to communicate and resonate with people on a personal and emotional level, whether speaking English or Spanish. Home-studio ready and equipped to record professional voiceovers with broadcast quality in Spanish and English. Fast deliveries, responsive communication, and a drama-free shopping experience. It would be our pleasure to help you and your team give your next project a voice that reaches your target audience. Bash at your service!

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