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Doblaje al Espanol - Spanish Dubbing

Spanish dubbing

my 2022 spanish dubbing reel is here!

my 2022 spanish dubbing reel is here!

about this video reel:

this is a collection of spanish dubs for an animated series on youtube.

I have the honor of being the spanish dubbing voice of Freddy fazbear and bonnie the bunny.

 zamination, an enchanted mob company, creates the original cartoons in english and then I record the spanish dubs and lip-sync the audio to the original video.

spanish dubbing

Find the best spanish voice actor
Spanish Dubbing

providing the highest quality audio for dubbing projects including: 

bilingual voice over for multiple roles

dubbing in english
             also available!

  - Animation

  - documentaries

  - TV series

  - video games

  - explainer videos

Casting a Spanish voice over can be complicated enough. add timestamps and lip-syncing to the mix and its a c0mpletely new undertaking. 


dubbing in spanish or english takes a specific sets of skills that allow the actor to give a character a natural voice in the intended language. one must understand the subtleties and intricacies of the source material in order to provide a quality performance in the dubbed version.


Bash the vo has dubbed projects ranging from animated series, documentaries, and internet movies in spanish and english. bash the vo provides studio quality audio and can sync the dubbed audio to the original video to help cut editing in post-production.


Bash the vo can also help translate and proofread translated scripts and copy to ensure the right words are used and the brands message isn't lost in translation.

Bash The VO - Spanish Dubbing Voice Actor - Actor de Doblaje al Espanol
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