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Bash delivers vibrant character voice overs in spanish and english

for animation!

listen to the many
   voices in bash's head!

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Untitled design (2).png

Looking for something
                       more natural?

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animation is the most versatile, most flexible platform for practically any application. Animated video production has grown leaps-and-bounds to be able to provide more than children's cartoons and animated series for adults.

Bash the vo provides your animated video production company with voice overs in spanish or english for animated series, cartoons, animated and live-action dubbing, animated training videos, and more!


Bash, The
Vocal Chameleon!

Listen to some characters
in Spanish!

want info on spanish dubbing?

streaming audio!

podcasts! Audio Dramas! and Streaming!
Oh, my!

podcasts and streaming have taken the world by storm. ranging in topics from baking to world politics, almost anyone can start a podcast, create a following, and possibly monetize their productions.

Bash the vo is the bilingual voice actor you need if you are a podcast producer! Bash has a vast array of characters in his catalog and can provide studio quality audio for english and spanish voiceovers for your podcast or audio drama!


from geckos, Chihuahuas, and mr. opportunity characters in commercials are everywhere and usually in the most memorable commercials too! radio ads, podcast ads, social media ads, streaming ads, youtube ads; all of the need quality voiceovers!

bash the vo provides voiceovers in spanish and english for your advertising campaign! expand your ad agency's services and offer your clients spanish voiceovers and help them broaden their reach. studio quality audio and fast turnarounds for advertising spots of all kind!

Bash The VO - voice overs in spanish for animation
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