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studio quality audio and fast turnarounds for spanish voice overs and commercials in english
Bash The VO records high quality audio for commercials in English and commercials in Spanish
J. Sebastian Valencia is a Bilingual male voice actor specializing in commercials in English and commercials in Spanish

Bilingual Voice overs for

Bash the VO provides high-quality voice overs for radio ads, youtube ads, online ads, and all other kinds of commercials in english and Spanish!

Bilingual advertising!

reach the growing
latin-american population
and their increasing spending power with Commercials in
English and Spanish!

Bash the vo is a bilingual colombian voice actor based in the united states. he is a native spanish speaker and a native english speaker. Bash has been involved in multicultural ad campaigns, public service announcements, and event promotions! Bash provides studio quality audio for voice over in spanish and english for commercials in english and Spanish and radio ads in English and Spanish. Streaming platforms are fast-becoming a preferred media source and online ads, streaming ads, YouTube ads, podcast ads, and more are going to be a powerful tool to reach your target audience!

The key is to ensure your content is genuine and authentic. pandering to any group is always apparent and has been the source of so many boycotts of late. why get cancelled? just take the time to vet content creators and collaborators. Work with people who understand todays changing world and how to navigate it!

Hispanics watch just as much if not more content in English than in Spanish. So commercials in english and spanish are key for a successful campaign. vHiring a professional latin american voice over, spanish audiences are more likely to accept a company or brand into their personal lives and spread word about their genuine approach to diversity and inclusion. Bash delivers an authentic latin-american male voice over that resonates with todays multicultural marketplace!

Bash gives you the 
authentic Latin 
american voice

you need!

Advertising in Spanish with Bilingual Voice Actor Bash The VO
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