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Modelo vs Bud Light: Beer and Latin-American Millennials!

How a Hispanic Brand rose and is now vying for first place...

The latin american voice made itself heard recently when Modelo Especial overtook Bud Light as the most popular beer in the United States. The Mexican beer took first place from the Anheuser-Busch (European Owned AB InBev) classic earlier in May and the trend has continued into June. Some people have credited an affront perceived by some of Bud Light's customers; and while this may have had an impact in the decline of sales in Bud Light, to have a Mexican beer rise to second and now first place is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Latin-americans comprises 20% of the population of the United STates as of 2023. And that number is said to continually grow over the next few years. According to Claritas, Their consumer spending power is projected at more than $2 TRillion, making Spanish speakers a driving force for growth in the years following the Covid-19 pandemic. Hispanics drove population growth, accounting for 52% of the the population growth from 2000-2023. The millennial segment of the Latin-American population is the largest by far and should be the most attractive to marketers. For more reasons than you might think.

Brands have noticed this growth and have been eager to attract the Hispanic population to their products and services through targeted campaigns in both Spanish and English. The largest segment of the hispanic demographic is the millennial group. They include Spanish Speakers who came to the US as kids or young adults as well as their children and millennials who are new arrivals. Most Hispanic millennials are bilingual but some are English dominant and others are Spanish Dominant. However the countries of origin can indicate cultural differences that should be taken into account. This means that marketers need to be aware of the specific demographics in their audience.

With the summer halfway over and the fall advertising season just over the horizon, advertisers are going to start looking at specific trends in order to get their client's voices heard by all the potential buyers possible. If Modelo's recent rise in popularity is any indication, spanish speaking customers and latin-american millennials are going to be very attractive to market towards. With the number of Latin-American millennials coming into their own buying potential marketers would be wise to increase content in Spanish, Television and Radio ads in Spanish, cultivate a bilingual client base with authentic latin-american voice overs in English, Spanish, and, at the right times, in both languages.

Bash The VO

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